A Raptis & Sons Pty Ltd

Direct from the ocean to you!

Australians love seafood, and the Raptis family have committed three generations to providing it - reliably and sustainably.

What began as a fish and chip shop in Adelaide is now one of Australia’s largest diversified seafood companies. Raptis owns and operates fishing fleets from Far Northern tropical waters to the freezing depths of the Great Australian Bight. Raptis catch, trade, process, import and export the ocean’s great products - so seafood wholesalers, seafood retailers, elite chefs and backyard BBQ’ers can enjoy everything the ocean has to offer.

From gourmet single serve portions to commercial quantities up to thousands of tonnes, Raptis continually innovate in all areas of seafood harvest, processing and trading - with a single aim - unrivaled quality, consistency and value.

Whether it’s a firm fillet of barramundi in an exclusive restaurant or casual backyard BBQ with friends enjoying prawns and seafood which is a part of Australian life, Raptis is dedicated to bringing the best of seafood to the consumer.

Find out more about the Raptis history, seafood product range, fishing fleet, or simply contact us now about your seafood needs.