Raptis Land Based Operations

A. Raptis & Sons Pty. Ltd

Raptis was established in the 1950’s in Adelaide, South Australia where a small family fish and chip shop turned into one of the largest privately owned seafood companies in Australia. From humble beginnings the company now has operations located throughout Australia including Darwin, Cairns, Karumba, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Thevenard.

A. Raptis & Son’s head office is located in Colmslie, Brisbane along the banks of the Brisbane River. All aspects of the company are managed and controlled from this location including its processing, cold store functions and fresh fish auction. In Brisbane seafood is processed under the strictest food safety guidelines for our customers, nationally and internationally.

The Adelaide branch of Raptis was the company’s original head office which now provides access for our fishing fleet to the Great Australian Bight and Gulf of Saint Vincent Trawl Fisheries. Our facilities in Adelaide provide for efficient handling and dispatching of our seafood throughout Australia.

Further along the South Australian coast is Thevenard, a small coastal town that provides Raptis vessels with convenient access to the Great Australian Bight Trawl Fishery. Crew are also able to offload catch at Thevenard’s wharf where it is then distributed to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

In the North Queensland, Karumba provides access for our fishing vessels to the Northern Prawn Fishery (NPF) and the Developmental Finfish Trawl Fishery in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Our significant infrastructure at Karumba allows us to unload and distribute fresh and frozen seafood to our Brisbane operation, regional centres and interstate customers. In addition we have a small retail outlet in Karumba that services locals and tourists to this region. 

The Darwin and Cairns branches of Raptis are acquisition offices from where a wide range of seafood is purchased from the local fishing community which Raptis then process, sell and distribute through the Brisbane facility. Raptis vessels, fishing in the NPF unload their catches in Darwin for transportation to the Brisbane facility.

The Sydney branch operates as a wholesale seafood supplier located in the Sydney Fish Markets in Pyrmont. Selling a wide range of fresh and frozen seafood caught by Raptis vessels in the Great Australian Bight Trawl Fishery and the Gulf of Carpentaria.

As one of the largest fishing companies in Australia Raptis prides itself on investment in innovation across a wide range of fishing and processing applications. This includes its processing automation both on land and at sea, it’s paperless working environment and its technical advancement in fishing equipment. Third generation family members are today actively involved in the company and a lot of effort, time and money is spent on sustainability as one of the most important issues the company faces.