Product Range Overview

Raptis Fish Markets

Whether it’s wholesale, export, or supermarket specialty orders, Raptis offers you consistent, high quality seafood in a vast array of product lines.

Export, Domestic Wholesale & Supermarkets

For export, wholesale and supermarket orders, you will find it all here.

Raptis supply many of Australia’s top seafood wholesalers, distributors and specialty seafood providers because we understand how important consistent supply of quality seafood is - not just to you, but also for your customers.

If you are...

  • A high volume food service company looking for year round consistency and quality Australian wild caught seafood;
  • A retail outlet keen to expand your seafood offering with innovative pre-packaged gourmet lines and reliable fresh Australian seafood;
  • A high end distribution company looking for sustainably sourced seafood lines;

Then our representatives are fully trained to match the catch to your needs.

Click to explore our Prawns/Shrimps range, Fish, Scallops & Bugs range and "Ready-to-Go" Meals.